If you’ve looked around the site, you’ll see we’ve got a depth of experience with shooting, editing and animation.  We’re very budget conscious.  Who wants to spend money on a huge crew when a smaller, more experienced crew will do?  It’s not how many people are standing behind the camera that matters. It’s what ends up on the screen that matters.  When expectations are managed, it is surprising how much most shoots DON’T need.

Oh, there is a time and place for hauling out the big guns and calling in the calvary to do the really special shoots.  We know when that is and we’ll tell you.   The JBCS Group treats your budget as if it were their own.  If money is no object, we’ll be glad to spend it for you and create the most magnificent on screen extravaganza possible! But, when budgets matter, you’ll be glad JBCS Group is looking out for you.